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CM Truck Beds

CM Truck Beds has been producing Quality Products at Value Prices that are unsurpassed for over 20 Years. Known throughout North America CM Products have style and dependability displayed in each model.

CM Truck Beds set a new standard in design, quality, and dependability. When you own a product from CM you are about living a lifestyle of hard work, long days, and depending on tools that you have at your disposal. CM offers multiple different styles of truck beds from the sleek designed and ultra-durable dump body to the easily customizable and extremely versatile service bodies. You can build almost all CM Truck Beds with either Aluminum or Steel components.

Built to Work. Built to Last

CM DB Steel Dump Body

America’s stongest and most reliable truck deck. The latest, most innovative designs which fit the truck CM Truck Beds are installed on. The industry’s most successful, trusted, and proven brand name. The most innovative and reliable raw materials, designed to outlast the chassis they are installed on. Seasoned up-fitters that don’t cut corners on up-fitting. Lifetime warranty LED lights to keep you safe when you’re on the road and the safest, most tested body on the market.

With its sleek design, ultra-durable hardware and unsurpassed features, including a heavy-duty two-way rear gate, this rugged dump hauling body is the smart choice for professionals in construction, excavation, landscaping and beyond.

CM Truck Beds Promo – 2014