Customer Testimonials

At Packer City & UP International we strive to make your experience as stress less and easy as possible. We love hearing how good our staff has done from our customers. We love when we hear good things and we also care about the bad that may come through. We value and use your opinions to make our customers experiences better. Here are some customer testimonials from our great customers.

  • “A year of aggravation and 100,000 plus change in miles driven, my vibration is gone from my truck. Thanks to the guys at Packer City Shawano for the help.” – Shawano Area Customer
  • “Thanks again for great customer service! Your entire crew was great and I am 100% sure when we need our next truck, new or used, we will be coming to you to see what you can do for us. This meant a lot to me as a business owner.” – Appleton Area Customer
  • “You are really making the decision to partner with you a great one. I have been asked more than once if the truck was that much better that we switched brands. My answer is the truck is one part, the salesman and the partnership we are building is the bigger part.” – Green Bay Area Customer
  • ““Good People”. The folks at Packer City are very friendly, easy to work with, and deliver excellent service.” – Appleton Area Customer

  • “Doing business with Idealease is just easy. If I have a problem I can make just one phone call and drop off the truck to get fixed. I can focus on other things I need to do for my job and not worry about the truck.” – Green Bay Area Idealease Customer
  • “We had both Ryder and Penkse in to quote us on the last round of trucks and I am so glad that we stuck with you. You and your team have done such a good job for us!” – Green Bay & Appleton Area Idealease Straight Truck Lease Customer
  • “The biggest selling point you have is the customer service experience. Please pass along to everyone involved how pleased the group is to be working with them” – Appleton Area Idealease Tractor Lease Customer