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When it comes to parts for your truck, Packer City & UP International have the best possible solution to your problem: quality parts at outstanding prices. International is the LARGEST OEM in the country, and we stock almost everything you could possibly want, so you can get your truck back on the road in as little time as possible. Whether you have a Dump Truck, Log Truck, Box Van, School Bus, or Tractor, we have the parts you need, so give us a call!

Packer City & UP International offer a complete range of parts for your trucks and school buses. View our current Flyers and Specials.

  • – Over $3,000,000 in parts inventory, including major brands like Bendix, MGM, Fontaine, Truck Lite & many more.
  • – Competitive cross referencing available.
  • – State-of-the-Art Parts cataloguing and reference.
  • – Next Day emergency parts available.
  • – Inter-branch parts transfers between all Packer City and UP International locations.
  • – Daily parts delivery for the surrounding area.

Do you have a parts inventory that’s out of control? See us about “Diamond Connection Solutions” computerized inventory control system.